Grand Solmar Warns Timeshare Owners about Common Resale Scheme

The Grand Solmar resale watch team wants to make sure that no one ever gets ripped off by scammers, but knows that unfortunately many people do when they try to sell their timeshare weeks. There are many scammers waiting to take advantage of timeshare owners, but the Grand Solmar resale watch team knows that if you know how to spot a scam you can avoid falling for it. Here is a common resale scam that you should watch out for.

In this scam, the company that is buying your timeshare, or has “sold” it for you, talks about the price with you and agrees to send you a check for the money. When you receive the check, however, it is too much money, and you quickly contact the seller and let them know there was an error, they ask you to send them the difference, sneakily pocking a method that cannot be traced. Most people at this point feel like they should send the money back, and do, only to realize a few days later when the bank processes the check that the timeshare owner realizes that the check was bad and they sent money that they did not have.

You should never accept a check for more money than you agreed upon. If you think someone if trying to pull this scam on you, the ball is fortunately in your court, you can refuse to accept the check or do further business with the person if they do not send you the correct amount.