Grand Solamar’s New Website Hopes to Inform Vacationers About the Dangers of Resale Scams

Grand Solmar always strives to have the best interest of its members in mind. Whether providing vacationers with a luxurious experience at the breathtaking Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa, or providing travelers with information on how to stay safe from victimization of a travel scam, Grand Solmar is always looking for ways to help protect its member’s well being.

One of the latest innovations for travelers is brought to them by Grand Solmar themselves, offering advice for vacationers on how to avoid falling victim to any of the many timeshare resale websites or service scams online. Some of the most important things to remember about these often-fraudulent sites are:

1. What You See Isn’t Always What You Get: No matter how glamorous or exciting the ad may seem, these units are often older, meaning that they often feature older fixtures or lack recent remodeling efforts. It’s also very common for these discounted resale units to have an obstructed view, as the resort has likely added new units and buildings to its resort.

2. Benefits might be different: Whenever guests purchase a timeshare week at one of Grand Solmar’s outstanding units, the stay includes different levels of membership benefits ranging from great to outstanding. These always update and change, so older resale units usually come with older packages that aren’t improved like the others since the company has grown.

3. Hidden fees are common: Whenever a resale takes place, there are documents that need notarization and taxes on the sale that must be paid. The price that seems so enticing online often doesn’t include these fees and is often not what ends up being paid, making it much more expensive in the long run.