Grand Solmar Warns Timeshare Owners about Common Resale Scheme

The Grand Solmar resale watch team wants to make sure that no one ever gets ripped off by scammers, but knows that unfortunately many people do when they try to sell their timeshare weeks. There are many scammers waiting to take advantage of timeshare owners, but the Grand Solmar resale watch team knows that if you know how to spot a scam you can avoid falling for it. Here is a common resale scam that you should watch out for.

In this scam, the company that is buying your timeshare, or has “sold” it for you, talks about the price with you and agrees to send you a check for the money. When you receive the check, however, it is too much money, and you quickly contact the seller and let them know there was an error, they ask you to send them the difference, sneakily pocking a method that cannot be traced. Most people at this point feel like they should send the money back, and do, only to realize a few days later when the bank processes the check that the timeshare owner realizes that the check was bad and they sent money that they did not have.

You should never accept a check for more money than you agreed upon. If you think someone if trying to pull this scam on you, the ball is fortunately in your court, you can refuse to accept the check or do further business with the person if they do not send you the correct amount.

Grand Solmar Advises on How to Avoid an Unwanted Resale Scam

Grand Solmar is one of the leading providers of luxury vacations in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For all those who are planning their summer vacation, it’s important to find a place to spend time that the whole family will enjoy. Often, resorts offer many exciting benefits, amenities and beautiful accommodations that make for a great vacation destination. But some consider these facilities a little more pricy and try to find deals to justify the expense.

Research the Source: It’s important to question where the offer is coming from. These individuals often have a sob story about why they may not be able to use their week, often because of a family problem or unexpected expense. If something seems off, trust your instinct.  Grand Solmar Resale Awareness Team advises travelers to remember there is no way to guarantee this stranger is being honest.

Remember Key Things: The first important thing to keep in mind is that the price includes a lot of amenities that are often changed, and probably won’t be included in any online deal. The second is that there are certain fees that have to be paid upon the purchase of these weeks, and often are not included in the original price. The last thing is that unfortunately, sometimes these deals are for outdated properties that look nothing like the photos they send and sometimes may not exist at all.

Buy Direct: The only surefire way to guarantee that your vacation purchase isn’t a scam is to buy direct from the resort. Grand Solmar Resale Awareness Team knows this will help any traveler have peace of mind and avoid any issues on their next vacation.

Grand Solmar Resale Awareness Team Warns People About Potential Online Scams

Located in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Grand Solmar prides itself on the stunning vacation properties that they offer to others. While this company offers many perks and amenities to its guests, there are some timeshare deals out there that don’t quite match up to what they seem.

People are constantly searching the depths of the Internet to find better deals than the ones that companies advertise. Timeshares resales are no stranger to this concept. Vacationers going online to look for discounted timeshare units may be sorely disappointed in the long run. Online searchers may think they have found an exceptional deal on a unit that someone has advertised, but oftentimes this is just a hoax. While the units itself are usually real, the rates that they advertise are not. What seems like a cheaper rate is often then buried with additional fees and taxes that sometimes make it more expensive than going through the timeshare company itself.

The Grand Solmar Resale awareness team suggests that vacationers keep an open eye out for such timeshare resales this summer.

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Grand Solamar’s New Website Hopes to Inform Vacationers About the Dangers of Resale Scams

Grand Solmar always strives to have the best interest of its members in mind. Whether providing vacationers with a luxurious experience at the breathtaking Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa, or providing travelers with information on how to stay safe from victimization of a travel scam, Grand Solmar is always looking for ways to help protect its member’s well being.

One of the latest innovations for travelers is brought to them by Grand Solmar themselves, offering advice for vacationers on how to avoid falling victim to any of the many timeshare resale websites or service scams online. Some of the most important things to remember about these often-fraudulent sites are:

1. What You See Isn’t Always What You Get: No matter how glamorous or exciting the ad may seem, these units are often older, meaning that they often feature older fixtures or lack recent remodeling efforts. It’s also very common for these discounted resale units to have an obstructed view, as the resort has likely added new units and buildings to its resort.

2. Benefits might be different: Whenever guests purchase a timeshare week at one of Grand Solmar’s outstanding units, the stay includes different levels of membership benefits ranging from great to outstanding. These always update and change, so older resale units usually come with older packages that aren’t improved like the others since the company has grown.

3. Hidden fees are common: Whenever a resale takes place, there are documents that need notarization and taxes on the sale that must be paid. The price that seems so enticing online often doesn’t include these fees and is often not what ends up being paid, making it much more expensive in the long run.